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        Valves can be widely used in every fields, mainly including petroleum, petrochemicals, chemical engineering, metallurgy, power, water conservancy, urban construction, fire fighting, machinery, coal, food and others. (Valve market is famous for users of mechanical and chemical engineering, with high requirement.)In recent market, gate valve, ball valve, stop valve and safety valve are mostly used and popular varieties in the fields of industry, following butterfly valve, control valve, check valve, pressure reducing valve, blowdown valve and stream trap. The difference between gate valve, ball valve, check valve and safety valve with valves of back level is larger, with gross product occupied 63.6 percentage of various valve.

        Valve type is mostly used in fields of machinery, metallurgy,petrochemicals, chemical engineering, urban construction; especially in machinery, various valves can be applied.Safety valve is mainly used forchemical engineering; butterfly valve for petrochemicals and metallurgy, diaphragm valve for metallurgy, power and chemical engineering; check valve for metallurgy, chemical engineering and petrochemicals; stop valve for petroleum and chemical engineering; throttle valve for metallurgy, petrochemicals, chemical engineering and power;blowdown valve forpetrochemicals and chemical engineering; ball valve for petroleum, chemical engineering and metallurgy; gate valve for chemical engineering, power and urban construction; and control valve for chemical engineering, metallurgy, power and food.

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